Mahalatime is a sponsored airtime and data provider. We provide the community, free access to our telephone, mobile data and Wi-Fi internet network in South Africa. By agreeing to watch an ad, or completing a quick survey, we can pay for calls, bandwidth and hardware required to deliver the service. As an advertiser you too can tap into this vast number of users. Our user base literally consists of hundreds of thousands of user from all demographics, and all areas across South Africa. We can show your ads, or serve surveys only to the exact demographic you require

Is there a limit regarding the demographic or campaign size that we can deliver.

Surveys are limited to 200 minimum, with no maximum. There is no minimum limit on rewarded Video delivery.

Can I provide my own content?

Yes. We actually prefer you to provide your own content, however we have a skilled team available to assist in developing new content should you require it.

Do you only serve ads originating from your own platform?

No, we are integrated with several ad networks, including Google Ad Mob, Unity, Iron source and Ad colony. However, even if you are already using one of these networks, the drawback is we can not guarantee that your ad will be pushed to our platform. This is due to the fact that the host network decides what gets pushed to us and what not. If you require your ad to be served on our platform with certainty, the best would be to work with us directly.

Do you only serve surveys from your own platform?

No, we are integrated with Pollfish, which means that they will push surveys to us from their customers as well. However as be the case with rewarded videos, we can not guarantee your survey will be pushed to us , as the decision on what to push ultimately lays with Pollfish. Should you require your survey to be available on our platform with certainty, the best would be to let us help you with your survey directly.

Is there a portal where we can upload and manage our own content?

Yes, however it is still in development, and will be announced on the main site once completed. Should you whish to be informed when the portal goes live, please drop us a mail at, and we will keep you in the loop.

What is the cost to advertise on the platform?

This varies depending on your target demographic. Buying ads for any demographic is by far the cheapest. (Surveys from as low as R 4-00 per completed survey, and Video Ads from R 0.70c per view) As your target filters get more complex the price increases. Drop us a mail at, and we would gladly assist with a custom quotation.

How do I limit the number of views or surveys?

Surveys are sold in batches of 200. You would never pay more than the price quoted for your number of surveys requested. For example, 200 surveys at R4-00 each would cost R 800-00. Should a pre defined time frame expires and the 200 mark was not met, you would only pay for the number of surveys served during this time.Rewarded videos work on the same principle. You would only pay for the number of views. You can set a budget limit, and when the limit is reached, ads would stop showing on the devices.

How quickly would my content be pushed?

We work on a bidding system, where higher bidders would get preference. In other words, an advertiser paying 80c per view would get its add shown before one paying 70c per view. Videos and surveys can be pushed within minutes of approval.

What type of content is allowed?

We allow all family friendly content. Our application is rated 3+, and we have to adhere to the content rules regarding that rating. More about our rating can be read here

We are an marketing house / ad network, can me get in on the action?

You sure can, please contact us on and we can discuss the options available.

Anything else?

Feel free to mail us at and we will gladly answer any more questions you may have.

Our Physical Address :
40 Victoria Road