Mahalatime (Pty) Limited, an early start-up company operating in the Mobile Communications Industry, brings affordable mobile communication to everyone in South Africa. The company delivers mobile calls, initiated by an Android APP, to any mobile user in SA at a very low cost. Mahalatime is #datafree which means you will not use any data when you use the app. New users will get 5 free minutes of calling. Using this app is 100% #datafree - no catch! Mahalatime is #datafree on MTN, Vodacom, Cell C & Telkom, all you can eat for zero data cost! Use the app even when you have no airtime or data balance. Mahalatime really is #datafree!

Where can I get the App?

You can get the Mahalatime smartphone app free here or on the Google Play store

What is the cost to register?

There are NO costs. There are NO recurring costs to your network or to us.

Are you using data calling like WhatsApp or other VoIP Services?

NO, we dont like the bad quality and delays on these platforms.Also remember that with data calling, not only are you using your own data, but that of the receiving party as well !

Our calling uses pure GSM network to network technology, just like a normal Cellphone Call.

Will the voice calls use my data?


How does your paid rates compare ?

Its simple. We are the cheapest....by far. We have the lowest call rate, the lowest data rate of any of the networks any time of the day.

Cancellation Policy

We have no recurring billing. Mahala Coins are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Do you have an IOS version for the app ?

The app is currently only available to Android users. However, an Apple version is in development. Should you wish to be notified once it is available, feel free to drop us a mail below.

Anything else?

Feel free to mail us at support@mahalatime.com and we will gladly answer any more questions you may have.

Our Physical Address :
40 Victoria Road